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Dancer's Life offers all the important dance information in one place and connects the dance community under one roof – information about events, schools and teachers.


If we emphasize the main benefits compared to Facebook, where most of the schools publish their events today:

-          unfortunately, not everyone has Facebook profiles and we believe no school wants to exclude dancers according to their preference to social media channels;

-          if the dancer doesn’t know the school, the likelihood of finding you among thousands of Facebook events and pages without a real filter is very small;

-          even if he knows the school, Facebook is flooded with thousands of friends’ news, liked pages and sponsored ads, so an event can quickly be lost in the overflow of posts;

-          even worse, there are various important notifications getting lost on Facebook, when you need to change the location or time of the event / class at the last minute, leading to very unpleasant situations.


There are, of course, many other dance platforms, but most of them focus on festivals and socials, overlooking events where dancers spend most of their time, such as courses, local workshops and dance performances. In addition, several of these pages also charge for the posts or profiles on their platform.


Dancer's Life solves all the above worries with the basic FREE functionalities:

-          For organizers, teachers and dance schools:

·       teacher, school and event profiles;

·       the option to publish classes, workshops, festivals, socials or performances - input fields adjusted according to the type of event;

·       creation of schedules and duplicates of events so that you do not have to write the same thing over and over again;

·       monitor all your events in one place and have an insight into statistics over time.

-          For dancers:

·       a number of search filters for events, schools and teachers,

·       the possibility of following an event, school or a teacher,

·       check all of the events you are following, and have booked in one place,

·       notification by mail and push notifications at every change or new post (from one source to know exactly what the notification is about).


In addition to the online platform, the information will be available on the mobile app for iOS and Android very soon, and applications for smart watch and TV are under development as we speak.


Many new features will also be available soon, to help you in regards to all your dancing needs.

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