INES OGOREVC   •   13/04/2020

In the days of quarantine we all miss dancing, but as we can't go out social dancing in the evening, we might as well watch a good dance movie, as there are plenty to choose from on the internet. 

For sure you already experienced how the passion of dance reflects on the screen and just draws you in. There are some movies that are just legendary and will stay in your memory forever, like Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, Footlose, Step up, Shall we dance, Swing time… Did any of them inspired you to start dancing in the first place?

This days many people are watching Netflix, so we wanted to see if we might discover some dance inspiration in their stream.

We were lucky to come across some of the legendary movies streaming on Netflix at the moment:

1.      Dirty Dancing

2.      Step up 3D

3.      Step up Revolution

4.      Step up: All in

5.      Honey 2

6.      Burlesque

7.      Silver lining playbook

But besides the legends, there are some other movies on Netflix that will make you wanna dance:

1.      Dance academy The comeback

2.      Step sisters

3.      Full out

4.      Pop lock'n'roll

5.      Battle

6.      The way we dance

7.      Ballerina

8.      Going for the gold 

9.      Bring it on

10.   Chocolate city Vegas strip

11.   Across grace alley


For our Bollywood fans, there is a nice set of movies as well:

1.      ABCD

2.      ABCD 2

3.      Yeh ballet

4.      Chance Pe dance

5.      Bhangra pae le

6.      Happy new year

7.      One by two

8.      Kuppivala


I must admit I love learning from real life stories, so I found out Netflix offers some great documentaries:

1.      Alive and kicking

2.      I dream of dance

3.      Restless creature

4.      Homecoming

5.      This is it


If one hour and a half of a movie or documentary is not enough for you, there are also shows and series that might spark your interest.


Shows and documentaries:

1.      We speak dance 

2.      Happy jail 

3.      Cheer

4.      Marching orders 

5.      Baby ballroom 

6.      Dancing queen 



1.      Pose 

2.      Dare me 

3.      Soundtrack

4.      Spinning out 

5.      Go! Live your way 

6.      Glee

If you didn't see a particular dance movie, show, series on the list. that is streaming on Netflix at the moment, let us know and we will add it to the list. 
Netlix does change their lists quite often and sometimes the list depends on the country where you reside as well, but for sure there is always something to watch that will inspire you to dance. For more inspiration, check out Dancer's Life blog - deep dive interviews with Slovenian dancer teachers.

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