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I always like to watch ballet. This time I invited my mom to join me at ballet Sleeping beauty. Last year we went to see the dance performance Life is a Value, which you can see this Friday. For those of you who don't know this performance, I share a brief record of my impressions after I saw it.

Life is a value

As a New Year gift, I gave my mother a ticket for this wonderful performance, and at the same time it became a wonderful gift to myself as well ... First, because I got to spend quality time with my mum, and secondly, because it was a show that left us speechless – the story was presented in an extremely beautiful manner, through screenings and movement of amazing dancers. Compliments to everyone involved in the performance, you were wonderful.

The show is of a charitable nature and the purpose of the tickets is to help young cancer survivors organized under Ustanova Mali vitez. I highly recommend to see it, you will not regret.

The Sleeping beauty

The Sleeping beauty ballet was wonderful and just as Life is a value also this ballet can be seen on Valentine's Day Friday, but unfortunately the performance might already be sold out. In any case, if not this Friday, I recommend visiting ballet at any time, as it is a really nice experience to see how dancers train their bodies to perfection; to see this incredible agility, speed and elegance. Most of all, I am impressed by the stability of the dancers and the incredible movements on the tips of their toes.

In addition to the beautiful costume design, I also liked this ballet because it is accompanied by a live orchestra as this adds an extra charm to the whole performance. I love that Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet employs not only Slovenian ballet dancers, but also foreign talent. In ballet we find people of different races and nationalities, which I particularly like because dance does not discriminate, on stage or dance floor we are all the same, we are all dancers.

An annoying factor while watching the ballet performance or how one head can destroy your whole perspective…

In ballet as well as in other dance performances, some minor aspect can spoil the overall impression of the evening. In SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana, the seat selection and price range is very wide, but you can quickly figure out why, since the seat layout and visibility are very diverse. This time, I chose the lower middle class seats at the gallery, so I expected not the best but a solid view of the stage, and that would be the case if it wasn’t for a tall man, who of course chose the first row seats at the gallery and obscured the view of everyone in rows behind him. There were at least ten of us who did not see the middle of the stage because of him. you saw it when you leaned to the right or left and blinded the view of the rest of the stage to the people sitting behind you.

The negative atmosphere at the gallery was obvious, as it was difficult to focus on the performance and enjoy it when in fact you couldn't see a large part of it. We were constantly watching the direction in which the performance was moving to know in which direction to lean to capture at least a part of the scene.

The show was supposed to be sold out, but I was lucky enough that someone did not attend. So, one row forward and some seats to the left, I found a vacant seat and changed seats during the break. Of course, my mum did not want to move, as you know mums always give priority to their children, regardless of age, and despite my persistent attempt to convince her to take the vacant seat, she insisted I should take it. So in the end, I enjoyed at least the second half of the ballet performance and captured in my field of view the whole second act, not just the far left and right angle of it.

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