INES OGOREVC   •   05/05/2019

We live in a world where technology is taking over our attention and people spend more time in front of a screen than face to face… But how did technology affect the dance community? I think big time and in a positive manner.



If I look at my childhood, as my parents decided (for whichever reason) not to take me to dance classes, the only option I had to learn and practice was watching the music videos on very limited set of channels and trying to copy the moves the best way I could. The most common way was learning by doing while experimenting with my friends… We went outside, put on the music and try to find the best moves how to express. There were no tutorials or no one to tell us this is the correct way to do a specific move… We took inspiration from any place we could - movement from other sports, mimicking animal moves, etc. One of the big events was when we found out that a new dance movie was coming out (once a year if we were lucky), so we started counting down the days till we could learn about the new trends all the way across the ocean.



Today access to different dance tutorials, movies, shows and videos is limitless… Everyone that has a desire to learn has options to do it and money or location are not a limit anymore (well it might still be in some third world countries). There is a trend of different dance challenges, motivating young dancers to learn a special move or a routine. You can also find a dance tutorial for almost every style of dance. Kids still learn and practice on the streets, but after watching a Youtube or Instagram video and copying the moves.



But there is another aspect - due to the broad access, the dance world is evolving rapidly and the standard is getting higher and higher. It does push the dancers to look outside the box and look for inspiration in every possible place. But the human body is not limitless, so there comes a question how far can dance go, how many new ways how to move can we really figure out. But as the music is evolving so those dance and expression to the music. There is a limit of moves the body can do, but limitless ways how to connect those moves

Also every now and then u see a move that completely shocks u and u wonder how is that even humanly possible. Some people just have incredible flexibility I guess and probably also hour and hours of hard training behind them.



Either way, as our body does have limits, our creativity doesn't and technology plays a part in this as well, when body shows its limits, creating additional visual effects to emphasize some movements can make all the difference. Besides there are also different props that can be used to extend or change the movement and with addition of technology, sky becomes the limit.


As I see it, technology connected the dance community and brought additional creativity to dancer's everyday life.

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