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Last week, Tian entrusted us with his dance story, routine, plans for the future and his view on the dancers in Slovenia and abroad. If you haven’t seen or read the first part yet, you can find it at the link.

This week, he shared with us his inspirations, moments from the dancefloor, his signature move and he also shared some tips and a challenge for you to try his moves.

Tian, you are also a choreographer, choreographing for yourself, as well as for others. Where do you find inspiration for these choreographies?

A lot of people ask me that. Inspiration comes very spontaneously. Many times, when I am choreographing for workshops or for myself, I turn on the music I like and improvise. I record myself, take what I like from the video and try to repeat it as quickly as possible. That's why I'm recording myself, because I don't remember everything. I improvise, check the video, take what I like, improvise again and then put the pieces together into a choreography. My biggest inspiration is music; I love working on beats. I am inspired by various effects, lyric, instruments and generally music. But the ideas are very spontaneous, I get a lot of them in the summer. Just this year, as I was lying on the beach and almost feel asleep, a lot of ideas came up that I quickly wrote down on my phone.

You are still very young, but your career is quite impressive already. Certainly there are some really funny moments, maybe awkward, as well as moments that were really important to you.

Basically, all trainings with a group or duo are a lot of fun and we laugh till the tears on many occasions. Just this week we laughed while creating a modern duo with Petra. With all the lifts and connections failures are quite usual. If we posted them on Youtube, maybe they would even get more views than our dances. So, all those choreographic moments and creations are fun.

What about a meaningful moment?

My biggest memory is dancing on stage with a small groups of three to seven members. These are seven good or best friends, a really connected group. We have a great time while training, competitions and on stage. We had a group that lasted six years and we really enjoyed our time on stage. Last year was the last time, when the group was already changed, but most of it remained the same. We waited for the moment to do the dance perfectly, and we almost succeeded. It was not perfect yet, but last year with this group we won for the first time. We were second and third several times, but after six years in the member’s category we managed to win. We basically finished last year as well, so this was a moment that will remain in our memory for a long time.

So at the end you became world champions.

Yeah, that's right.

You spend most of your time dancing. What are the things you learned through dance that you use in your everyday life?

Definitely the fact that if we strongly desire something, we can achieve it. Dance has taught me perseverance, order and discipline. Although I never had a lot of time because of dance, I found it much easier to schedule. In a more creative sense, dance has taught me that when you enjoy what you do, everything just flows, so I try to enjoy everything I do.

Surely you have some signature move that you love and that you try to incorporate in almost all of your choreographies. Is there something like that?

I'm especially recognized by being emotionally involved in the dance. I get really excited and put emotions into every move. Even with my dancers I emphasize that it means a lot to me, that every movement has its own story. It's not just a movement because the choreographer said you had to do it, but it has to have its own story. I try to integrate this in my dance and pass it on my student. I think I am recognized for making every move with some story and purpose.

But maybe I would say that I am most recognized for my turns. I like to do it, because I am good at it. Of all the technical elements I am the best at turns, so when I improvise and don't know what to do, I start spinning.

Do you have any advice for our viewers or dancers?

Exactly what I have already emphasized. I wasn't a talented dancer from the start, especially in terms of technique, but everyone saw a sparkle in me. I was always a performer and I enjoyed performing on my own, but I had to work hard and a lot on my dance technique and train more and more each year. I was increasing in number of points, every year I had more solos, more duets, more small groups. The lesson of this for me and anyone else is, that with hard work you can achieve everything, as long there is a sparkle, a desire and pleasure in it.

You prepared a short challenge for our dancers, so they can try out some of your moves.

My dance style is recognized especially by me getting entangled. Now I'm trying to get a little entangled: bounce your leg, turn, go down to your leg, cut, cross, in, out and throw.

Tian, thank you so much for taking the time for the interview and for sharing your story with our dancers and viewers. I know, that the competitions start now, so I wish you a lot of success and I'm looking forward to all your videos. We will share more of them with our dancers in the future.

Thank you.

Good luck. See you soon.

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