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Last week, Katja Vidmar entrusted us with her dance story. If you haven’t read the first part yet, you can find it on the link.

This week, she shared with us her inspirations, dance lessons, challenges for the future and her signature moves. She has also prepared a dance challenge so you can try movement from the performance Life is a value by yourself.

Where do you usually find inspiration for your choreographies?

Sometimes it seems that a movement can happen on its own while listening to music. Albert is a runner and when he comes back from a run, he tells me: »Katja, I heard another great song.« He plays it and maybe that song inspires me. Sometimes it may be some kind of motif from nature, with a form that causes changes and ideas in my head. It may be a book, a word, a sentence, very diverse set of things motivates me. Above all, we are touched by events or things that we think may be under-spoken or under-exposed. We think that through dance or through a story, we could remind people to be aware of certain things, to talk about them, to help each other, or to get things out in the open.

You often perform life events in your dance. What have dance taught you that you use in your everyday life?

Discipline. Dance is training, and if you want to create a good choreography and a good show, it takes a lot of hours in the studio - adjustments, training, correcting and coexisting with other dancers. Also the ability to estimate what someone is able to do and what you can use in the performance. So, in the first place discipline, and secondly, I believe dance is a cure; it heals the soul and body, makes you smile and gives you energy. It taught me perseverance; if something doesn't work and you persist long enough, it gets easier over time. Maybe it has also taught me about freedom, thinking out of the box, to appreciate every moment with the dancers, in the studio and on stage, and that life is beautiful precisely because of creativity and unity of different people.

Where do you see challenges for yourself in the future?

I certainly want to attend as many different classes abroad and in Slovenia as possible. It seems to me, that a dancer is always learning, especially if he dances different styles. For me, ballet is the base and I think that it gives a very solid foundation to every dancer for progress in any dance style. However, if dancer is trained and attends different classes, he also gets a lot of knowledge and different ideas for movements, learning what the body can do. My priority is to get as much education as possible in different dance styles, which is what we are doing now in Brussels.

The other thing is that I want to create new performance. In the summer I will prepare a new dance fairy tale, as with it we help children from the Red Cross and other groups of children every year. I also want to start a new show, similar to Life is a value and Project X. Of course I also look forward to working with new dancers, who will join our performance.  In April we will probably get a visit from dancers from Cirque du Soleil, and if everything goes well, we will conduct a dance workshop. In summer, there will be an intensive class and probably I will invite my teacher from Brussels, with whom I dance modern. If it works out, she will come to us at the end of August and do a beginner introductory dance class before the new dance season starts. There are many plans, we will see how it all turns out.

The performance Life is a value will continue also outside Slovenia?

Till the summer, there are going to be three or four more performances around Slovenia. We are making arrangements in Brussels, we visited the ambassador, who strongly supported our idea. We are connecting with Slovenians there and looking for a suitable theater and date. If it doesn't happen by summer, it will definitely happen next fall. Till then we already signed contracts and reserved dates for some performances in Slovenia. The opportunities are also opening up in other countries, so we are translating the text and I hope we could continue in Spain and in Tuzla. So, the performance will continue.

In your dancing, has there been any signature move that you like the most or always do?

Yes, if you would ask Albert, he would probably imitate some of my movements. But if someone would analyze my performances, he would probably found out, that I always carry on a part from my previous performance. It may be through choreography, a recognizable movement or a piece of music. If I used the music in the previous show as a choreography, then in the next one I can use it in text or in the ending. Sometimes I also redesign and use a costume from a previous performance in the next one.

Of course, there would not be a performance without our dancers. That's why we are so happy if anyone joins us and is prepared to go with us on this difficult and strenuous path, but after each performance we get this special energy and we connect, hug and thank each other. We truly love these dancers and we have become one connected family. On many occasions they also contribute a movement, which becomes a recognizable sign and we add it to the performance. That's why we are delighted when a new dancer joins and new spectator as well, and we wish that as many people as possible would come to see us, as they become charitable and help a cause with that. On Valentine's Day, February 14th, we were really glad that the theater was full, as it showed that they dedicated that day to something good.

To loving others, not just to people closest to them.

That's right.

Katja you also prepared a short challenge, so our readers can try some of your movements by themself.

This is from one of the choreographies of the performance Life is a value. I usually teach this choreography in the beginning because it's one of the harder ones, as it only takes place on the floor. It is part of a projection and dance at the same time. It may be a challenge due to the hips, so this may be more for the advance dancers, but of course, anyone can try.

Katja, thank you so much for joining us today. We will be happy to continue following Life is a value performance and your future projects.

Thank you very much.

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