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Last week, Katarina Gregorič from Siente entrusted us with her dance story, routine, challenges and approaches when it comes to teaching at schools or solo. If you have not seen / read part 1 yet, you can find it on the link. In the second part, she entrusted us with her inspirations, some fun moments from the dance floor, she also made some tips for dancers and a challenge that you can try her moves on your own.

You've been dancing for many years. What have dance taught you, what are some lessons that you use in your daily life?

In the beginning, when I was younger and we danced in groups and mostly trained for competitions. It was the discipline, a routine on how to organize yourself in life, so that something can work for you. We had a clear goal and how to get there. That's why I stopped practicing hip hop, because I didn't see the point anymore. It wasn't clear to me why should we compete at dance. I began to feel dance as more of an expression of what is happening inside us, on the emotional level. I wish we would have thought more of what dance can teach us. Especially when we dance in pairs, we adjust; one leads, another follows, but everybody leads and follows differently. On the dance floor, it is clear to us that we are adjusting and finding a common language. It would be great to try our best to do that also in our everyday life. To look often into each other’s eyes, which is getting a little lost in the modern world. I try to teach students by emphasizing etiquette, to come and ask someone to dance. That's how the whole event becomes beautiful. In the modern world, we all do something in a hurry, we don't have a sense of humanity. That's what has a big impact on my life through dance.

What advice would you have for dancers?

They should open their eyes and hearts and imagine, how beautiful it is when they are open and received on the dance floor and when they welcome others. They should think if they can function like this in everyday life.

Who is your inspiration in salsa or hip hop? And what about for program Femme Spirit?

Among friends, I am known for being weird because I don't have favorite things. It is very difficult for me to choose something to follow. Even as a kid, I didn't have any idols. It's more about what happens in me; by music or by talking and how can this be expressed in a physical way. The most inspiration I get is from the environment, life, looking at children and nature. I like to walk my puppy and there is so much going on in the nature and people that are surrounding you. So that's basically my inspiration.

If I have to pick an idol, this past year Ezgi Zaman has really impressed me. I'm glad I was able to visit her at boot camp in Turkey this year. Aside from being a crazy acrobat and I don't what else she can do with her body, what impressed me the most was her energy. This is what I notice the most in a person. She is warm and honest. So maybe that is what I am following, what seems to me to be honest and open-minded, whether it's technically superior or not.

You spend a lot of time on the dance floor and in studios. Certainly during this time, some very funny moment has happened and also the moment that left a meaningful impression on you?

One of the funniest happened at salsa party. Me and my boyfriend were dancing and he was trying out something new. It was a turn, where he somehow went under the arm, some kind of a diver. Then, twice in a row, he strongly crashed into my belly. It tumbled me half a meter away. At the time, we didn't even know what had happened. That was one of the funniest moments. Another one was when I was dancing the linear salsa. My dancing shoe ripped and the buckle broke. I did one kick in the footwork and the shoe flew across the hall. That was in Urška, close to Astra. Something was flying through the air and fell down. Everyone was safe, it landed on the ground, but I felt quite awkward. I picked it up and ended the dancing for that evening.

And about a special moment... There are so many of them, because dance is a thing that touches me. But let's just say... about three years ago, I decided to go to modern dance workshop from the wonderful teacher Joe Alegado. He has his own style and always chooses interesting music for his dance routines. For the first time everything was perfect; my feelings, music, movements...  An hour we were dancing and working on the combination and in the end I collapsed and started to cry. It was such a cleansing cry. Something connected with the actions in the studio and it was such a strong moment, that really touched me. That's why I dance, to purify myself.

So such moments don't just happen on the dance floor, but also in the studios.

Yeah, definitely.

Because you've been dancing for so long, is there any signature move that you could say it's yours, that you always do it? Which makes you feel free?

Yes, it is. Watch the video.

Katarina has also prepared a dance challenge for you and she will show it to us in the video. Afterwards, you are invited to try it yourself, post a video in your story and tag Dancer’s Life, so Katarina can comment or congratulate you.

Yes, please participate. It is very short, so it will take really little of your time.

Katarina, thank you so much for joining me today. I wish you good luck on your solo journey and see you on the dance floor.

Thanks for the invitation, it was wonderful; location, questions... It was fun, so thank you.

See you in a week, bye.

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