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Last week, Jeremy Tang entrusted us with his dance story, routine and community insight. If you have not seen / read the part 1 yet, you can find it on the link. In the second part, he entrusted us with some moments from dance, inspirations. He also shared some advices and prepared a challenge for you to try his moves by yourself.

Do you remember one really funny and happy moment while dancing? And also what would be one moment, that was really meaningful to you in dance?

It's so hard to answer, because I am literally dancing every day of my life. If I hear music, I will dance, whatever music it is. It could be arabic music and I'll try belly dancing to it.  If people are busking on the streets,  I would dance. I'll try not to kind of steal the show, but most of the time, they'll invite me to go up with them. I'll be dancing my ass off, get them a bigger crowd and they will get more money for it.

I think the best memories are being able to just dance and for other people to join in as well.

To engage other people with your dancing.

And a meaningful one for me...I think it would have to be my classes. Just being able to start teaching and having 20 or 30 students every week. And the messages they send me are so amazing. They would send me paragraphs, saying how grateful and happy they are to have met me and that I've started them dancing. Honestly, that' all I want in life. I don't need to be famous, I don't need to make a lot of money. As long as I can start a fire in someone, like the people that inspired me has done for me, then that's the best thing for me. Some of my students are just absolutely amazing right now. I can't believe it, to see them grow, to see their progress, it's just like: »Damn!«

Who inspires you the most? Are there some figures, that were really influential in your dance?
I had some really amazing teachers, especially with hip hop and popping. Jessica, the one that started all this for me and then my popping teacher, Poppin Jack. He is really big, a prominent figure in the scene. He's kind of everyone's older brother and I really look up to him. He' amazing and humble at the same time. Pretty much everyone from Sydney, that dances popping, learned from him and then they just branch out their own ways. He's happy to keep teaching people and helping the community grow. So, that was a huge one for me.

It's strange, because I don't like to watch dance videos. Not that I'm not interested, I love it. But I don't want to kind of copy anyone's style. So I try not to watch dance videos at all, even from people that I know are amazing and I'll probably learn a lot from. I take workshops all over the world, but not in terms of sitting there learning, because I might just pick up something subconsciously. I just want to dance my way. You do pick up things here and there, but I try not to, as much as I can. I have my group, my crew members back at home Baddies (Nai, Taz, Jamie, Shazam) and they are amazing dancers. They're so good and happy, so I guess they were kind of my inspiration as well.

I want to give a special shoutout to my friends who let me use their studio and they are constantly doing community projects for Sydney and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without their support - Gia, Karen and DanceKool.

What advice would you give to other dancers out there?

I'm sure, you've heard this hundreds and hundreds of times, but the biggest thing for me is to be happy. Just try to remember why you started dancing. For me, it was because I loved it and I wanted to have fun. I know, that you can get caught up in the moment and it takes over. Even when I was teaching, I was starting to get really tired sometimes and I wouldn't want to go out social dancing. But then I just had to remind myself, that I have to teach less and go out, because that was the main reason for me.
I think, it's okay to take your time also, when you don't feel something, or even like to take a break from dancing in general, that is also ok. I've had times, where I've just had to work so much that I didn't dance for two months. I'd come back and I felt better than I did before, because obviously I still remembered everything from before, but was just so free now, you're not thinking all the time anymore. It's funny, because the more you dance, you don't necessarily always get better. If you start thinking a lot, you get stuck and then it gets all weird. So it's also OK to take a break once in a while and just do things at your own pace.

My biggest advice is, if you're old enough, just go out to the club. That's where dancing is in it's most pure form for me. Just out dancing with other people, the interaction and the energy that you get, loud pumping music...That fills my soul.

Is there any knowledge from dance, that you applied to your life?
I said this before, it' s crazy, if you think about it, four years ago, I wasn't even dancing, but ever since the day I started, dancing has become a part of my life.  People who know me, are like: »oh, Jeremy, the dancer«, cause I'm just always, always dancing. I don't know, if this necessarily applies, but I don't care about what other people think. If you're dancing and you look silly and people are laughing, then at least you make them smile. It doesn't have to affect you negatively. You could be just having the time of your life. For whatever reason they're laughing or smiling, maybe some people appreciate it, some people think it's cool. Even if they think you look stupid and they're laughing, at least you made someone laugh. So that's how I see it.

Do you have a signature move? One move, that you always do, that it's always a part of your dance?
I would say it's the twist of legs.

You have also prepared a short dance challenge for our dancers.

Jeremy, thank you so much for taking the time in your travels to do this interview. I wish you a lot of amazing experiences on the road and I'm sure your students in Australia will very much appreciate it. Hopefully, also some European students will get the chance to absorb your knowledge or at least have a dance with you.

Thanks for having me, I appreciate it. I'm always happy to share and to have a chat with people.

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