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Last week Domen told us his dance story, routine and challenges. He also showed us his signature move. If you have not seen or read it yet, you can find it on the link. In the second part, Domen told us about his inspirations and about some fun moments on the dancefloor. He also prepared some tips for dancers and a real dance challenge to test yourself in his choreography.

Did you figured out, what was the nightmare that Domen mentioned in his trailer video? Let's see, what he has to say.

The biggest nighmare was, that I didn't even know wether to go left or right, I didn't hear the music, I didn't know anything. There were cute girls and I was stiff. I didn't dare to move left or right and the coach was yelling: »Come on, you the new one move, a bit forward, a bit to the left, you are late, it's bad, you can't even walk...« But in the end, he gave me a great motivation; he said, that I would need five years to learn how to walk and after five years I will start to dance. So ten years all together.

But the story turned out a bit different?

That's right, he fired me up with this, so I told him: "You will see how I »walk!« After six months of those trainings I was already in the National championship with them, we were second. After three months of trainings, the motivation was not women anymore, but just the dance and to show him how good I can be.

Who was your inspiration in hip hop and who's your inspiration today in salsa?

In hip-hop there were a lot of them. At the beginning it was Gena Zaneli, he was the first coach that fascinated me. He shook choreographe from the sleeves and he quickly learned about the old school style. Then there was Željko Božič from Kazina, who brought a new style into dance, it was really fascinating. He got this style from  Marty Kudelka. I watched Youtube a lot, I was following Usher and Justin Timberlake. Then Les Twins (the World of Dance winner) came out and they were really great. Of course Nika Kljun was one of the inspirations, because she knew how to personify male and female energy. Then Viki Čerček, she is still my strong inspiration. She is developing a dance in some very expressive work, connected to the game and also connects thinking about dance into life. So, that's some of my inspirations.

To say specifically for the dance, I am inspired by Jan Bervar and Robert Gracar from Cubana Ljubljana. Everyone is in a special way "weird", but I think this in a nice way. For example, Robert is such a heart, he has such a good vibe when he dances and it's really nice to watch him dance. For example, in Cubano I can just sit all night watching him dance. He personifies that joy for dance. He is not like: »I'll be here flirting, I'm bad, I'm a man.« No, he is a real joy.

About Jan, it's phenomenal that he is such a gentlemen, he is so great. His dancing is a mix of elegance and systematization. When he is explaining and giving us knowledge, he adds this "flavour", "cartoonish", as if you were watching a cartoon and you really get great knowledge. I've been following him since he opened his dance school. I've been observing his development and I thought that this would end once, that this is just cuban salsa, the basics and then the end. But he's still developing, growing, going deep... So, "hats down to him".

They are the biggest inspirations on a professional level. But what really inspires me is when I go out and see people enjoying their dance: »Oh, what a good move, I'm going to try it, oh how he smile at this song, let me go and try it...« That's one of those good inspirations.

Dance gives me that powerful message to be here now; tomorrow and yesterday don't exist.  You shut your brain off and you're really there and it's good.

You actually live in the moment.

Is there another interesting/funny moment from the dancefloor?

There's a lot of them. One funny moment was, how I met my girlfriend. It was like a movie, "slow motion." I saw her on the dancefloor, preparing herself for a dance. She turned around and her hair slowly moved.  It was so great, cause I didn't think I would ever experienced it at all.

I can tell some from competitions or now that I am with Decorason. Last year was such a cute mistake. In the beginning we had one part, two pairs dancing against each other, a mini rueda. And then, with Jure, El Padrino, we kissed on the cheek.

By mistake or on purpose?

No, on purpose, for fun, for relaxing. As we did it, it was like: »What now?« Total black out. Brina went crazy: »What?! Come on Jure, dance.« I went forward easy, as if there was nothing going on. If you go watch the clip now, you can see how I am going a lot sooner than everyone else and I'm dancing and joining the group. This was interesting.

Maybe any moment from hip hop competitions?

I think there wasn't a performance where I wouldn't make a mistake. It's like something inevitable, but nobody notices it. In hip hop I remember the second, or actually first performance in 2000. We were a big group, competing at World Championship in Germany. I think we competed for the first three places. That was cool, we were cool and we went with Gena. I was there somewhere in the middle and we had caps on. The dancing rules at that time said, that if anything falls from your body, it's a requisite and you are expelled. This was a real pressure! We danced and I was so into it, that I made some twitch and the cap dropped off. Then I made the turn and picked it up, totally out of the choreography.   The judges said, it didn't even look like anybody made a mistake. They were like: »What a great choreography, was it the same before or have you changed something in the meantime?« »Yes, yes, we changed it.«

Also the falls happen in the competition, for instance when people sweat while dancing. We had one moment, when I had to come from one side to another with a slide. I fell, but because I already had some experience from break dancing, I made a turn and went on. Everyone was like: »Oh, it looked good«, they all did the same, just one made another twist.« Yeah.

I also made a mistake at this year's appearance at Decorason's, but nobody saw it.

We will keep it a secret. Watch the video and try to find a moment, when Domen made a mistake.

I am actually making mistakes all the time, but try to find it...

Let's go back to more serious topics – you are active also in the business world.

I live for business world. Just kidding, but I like to work.

Are there any lessons in dance, that you can use at your work?

Yes, a lot. As I said, what helped me in high school and in college is discipline and hard work. For example, when I first came to dance lessons, I was wood, I did not know what is left or right. They went left, I went right, they went straight, I went back, a catastrophe. Thank God that he motivated me so much that I persisted. If you work hard, even if you are not a talent, you can get results. We had one co-dancer, who could not hear the music. It was really hard to dance for him, but the man tried, tried and now he's a choreographer. He needed about 5-6 years to come to this level, but he went with us to competitions, he trained with us, he danced with us. He didn't have rhythm, but he knew how to count and he felt different, he grew with hard work. That was one of the proofs and it also helps me in the business world. Of course, you have to be careful that you have a balance, it is not that you work all day, this is another extreme. But if you insist on something day by day, even just an hour per day, you'll do 365 hours in a year. You know what it's 365 hours? You are already approaching some level of knowledge and experience, which you can give forward. I got this from the dance.

I would give one advice to all co-dancers, if they haven't yet figured it out, and to all who want to learn to dance. When you learn to dance, think about how the body goes, be really there. After the music turns on, forget and trust the body, it will work by itself. I saw that it works for me and I hope, that it will also work for someone else. Dance is strong, it helps me a lot, because your body and brains work nonstop. You're kind of in a good balance, so that you don't fall asleep in your life. People are used to go to work, come home and go to sleep and behind the television and slowly the brain and the body start to collapse.

The dance wakes them up.

Ah, it's awesome to wake up. And there are also hot girls, also boys.

So there is something for everyone.

You have already mentioned some tips. Do you have any extra advice for our viewers or dancers?

Don't stop dancing, don't stop dancing, don't dance too much...but know how much is too much for someone...

So find the balance at dancing, but never leave it.

Don't stop, because scientists have proven, that older people who dance, I think they only have a 5% chances of being demented. So brains work, body works and you're happy. You get to know a lot of people, a dance family, right? It's really good.

Domen has also prepared a dance challenge for our dancers.

Did I? Yeah, I prepared something.

Domen will show it now and you are invited to try this dance challenge, publish your videos and tag Dancer's life app. After that, Domen will decide who the winner is. So, let's move to another place that Domen can show us his moves.

Ok, let's go. Video of the challenge:

Now, dancers; we would be happy to hear what you have learned from Domen's story. We hope, that you found motivation for yourself.

We are looking forward of your dance challenge recordings. Publish them in your story or on your profile and tag Dancer's Life App (FB: dancerslifeapp, IG: dancerslife_app). Thanks again Domen and see you soon.

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