INES OGOREVC   •   28/04/2019

Dance! I love dancing and have enjoyed every step on the dancefloor since I was born. Finding a way to contribute to the dance community was my biggest desire and step by step I am doing it. So what is my story?

If u ask anyone from any period of my life what Ines loves to do, the answer will always be dancing, but I didn't start going to classes till pretty late, 22 years old. Well except few dance classes as a kid that ended really fast as they were out of town and it was too much time and money for my parents to take me there at that time. But still in every possible moment I was dancing, even if it was just in front of a TV, watching MTV and VIVA, or in front of the house with my cousins - dancing was always present in my life.

At 13 I went to a club for the first time. Now when I think of it, I was still a kid, but I danced the night away. Going out, everybody knew where to find me, from the moment they opened the dancefloor till they close the club, I was DANCING. I didn't take dance classes, I just enjoyed freestyling and incorporating the moves from MTV videos to my dancing. When I went to high school, it just continued, at only 15 I was coming home at 6 o'clock in the morning, but what was I doing the whole night? Dancing.

So what was the push to finally take up dance classes? The first time I really started dance training was in 2008, after I returned from my study semester in Spain, where my amazing Mexican friends thought me all the Latin dances straight on the dancefloor. I knew I wanted to continue learning, so the first class I took when I got back was salsa styling, and soon I continued with reggaeton and flamenco, as my boyfriend at the time was not too happy for me to go partner dancing (salsa, bachata). I didn’t care - if he didn’t want to go, I could do it solo. I wanted to dance and grow my vocabulary of movement and I haven't stopped ever since. Later on I tried and practiced quite a few other dance styles, but I’ll tell you more about it another time.

Dance has become the most important part of my life, it gives me so much joy and relaxes me after a stressful day at work, it is always present no matter where I go, even if I move to another part of the world and I just love it. It's really become the way of life for me. That is also the reason why I was looking for the best way possible to make my contribution to the dance community, as I didn't have a desire to become a teacher or performer, I had to figure out another way to contribute.

Since I can remember I was collecting dance information and making Excel files about dance, from lists of movies / books to list of events / festivals. While living abroad I was researching all the possible sources to compile a list of places where I could go dancing nearby. I also helped at my dance schools with organization of festivals and marketing. Through it all, I figured out what was missing in the community and started thinking of ways how to bridge the gaps. Two years ago I found an awesome team and our story started.

Dancing was always in my life, even though I am not a professional dancer, so the platform Dancer's Life that you see in front of you, is not just a small side project, it is one dancer's life, real life!

Follow us to learn more about what was the gaps I discovered and register to enjoy the features we prepared for you and all of the awesome ones that are coming up in the future.

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