IZTOK ŽUžEK   •   06/01/2020

Ljubljana offers a diverse set of dance events even the ones that you usually don't know they exist. The first in this category I visited was at KUD France Prešern, the performance Mesečnica Kabaret. The dancers of Glam Squad Burlesque created the atmosphere of the famous Moulin Rouge. I liked the idea that the front of the hall was designated for guests who dressed in glamorous, twentieth-century style, and as a reward received a special table. Even though the show with breaks lasts more than two hours, time just flies by. Great performances are accompanied by the comic announcer and his microphone carrier, which intensifies the whole event with humorous input. This was the first performance of a monthly event, with new guests every month, so I highly recommend you visit.

The second dance event in the category was a Pre-New Year's Eve Cowboy party at the Festival Hall, organized by the Wild West dance school. Their parties always start with a Two-Step Workshop, which is a country dance in pairs. This dance is a little different than what we are used to, because you are wearing boots which changes the dynamic of the dance itself. Teacher David Prestor, who is a principal at Wild West dance school, helped us to win this dance over. After the workshop, other visitors began to come in, especially from various Slovenian cowboy families, like Country Arizona, Country Mačke, Country lajf, Linera and others. When the big Festival Hall is filled with cowboys, the dance floor comes to life and just sucks you in. Even if you don't know a particular dance routine, you can't stay still and you start learning and moving with your cowboy team. Towards the end, they performed an additional dance show for visitors to showcase their most successful dance routines of 2019. Like the previous event, it is also organized every month, in different locations and also other cowboy groups organize events throughout Slovenia.

This was just a small colorful excerpt from Ljubljana dance scene, which offers a lot to a dance gourmet. Follow us on our Dancer's Life platform to stay up-to-date on dance events around you.

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