INES OGOREVC   •   24/11/2019

Most of the people love to travel, but money and time restrictions don't always let us go for a long trip to our favorite destinations. Luckily there are shortcuts to that feeling of excitement when you are discovering a new culture and getting immersed in it.

Books, movies and food are just a few of the options that can take you on the journey around the world in the comfort of your own home or at least your own city. But for me the closest I get to the feeling of traveling is when I go to a dance performance where a specific style from one country is presented. The dance, the music, the costumography – it all comes together in one wonderful experience. Even if just for an hour or two, I feel like I have been transported to a new country and got to experience a new culture.

Last two Sundays, I had the chance to travel to two very different countries, one that I know and love so much, and another that is still a bit of a mystery to me.

International day of flamenco with CoraViento

The team from CoraViento and their guests prepared us a really wholesome night in which we got to know flamenco and the culture of Spanish region Andalucía from many different perspectives, from solo to duo and group performances, from reciting the verses of Federico García Lorca to singing the opera Carmen, from playing the guitar to playing the piano accompanied by flamenco claps. The power of the women dancers was felt through every sound of the heel and every tender, but at the same time strong movement of the hand. We also had a chance to see two male dancers.

The memories of Spain just came rushing back at me, as it’s been just few months since I had the chance to visit Andalusia and saw flamenco danced on the squares of Malaga and Sevilla. But I am sure that all of those street dancers would put their hats down to the performers of this night in Ljubljana, as they really were incredible.

Pravaha – evening of Indian dances

One of Dancer’s Life team members is dancing Bollywood for quite some time at PD Salam Ghazeea and it’s been a while that he has been inviting me to their performances. After hearing more about Bollywood in Indian traditional dances in the interview with Vesna, I just had to finally see it.

I was surprised by the expressiveness of Indian traditional dance, there is so many little details in the dance that you are not sure where to focus your attention, to the legs making the sound with the little bells, or to different signs formed by the hands, should you look at the expressions in the face or admire the shapes their attire makes.

While Indian traditional dance seems like a dance of higher class, Bollywood brings you the notion of a social dance, full of energy and experimentation, incorporating different dance styles and music to the more traditional movement.

They also had guests from India performing for us, beside their own acts, it was wonderful to see their joined performance with Slovenian dance team. Even though they had only one hour to practice the choreography together, they seemed so in sync, just enjoying the time on the stage. In that moment a thought crossed my mind – Dance really brings cultures and people together.

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