INES OGOREVC   •   18/11/2019

A week in the life of a dancer

This week, the path took me to three dance socials and one dance performance. More about the performance next time, as this time I wanted to share with you the diverse perspectives of a dance social.

Balerina sensual night

The first social I actually attended by accident, and for a very short period of time. After a business event that lasted almost the whole day, I jumped into the car and drove to Balerina caffee & fun to film the announcement for the next Dancer's Life interview with Tamara. Despite my fatigue, I had still a bit of energy left to dance a few bachatas.

At this event, a familiar thought crossed my mind, why do the dance socials start so late during the working week. I think the problem lies not only with the organizers but also with the attendees. Most dancers, as well as attendees of other events, do not want to be the first one there. So at least half an hour, if not an hour, should be added to each start of the social to estimate when will the majority of people show up. If you don't have to go to work or to university early next day, this is not a problem, but during the week if you want to dance, lack of sleep is inevitable.

Unlike most, I love the start and end of the socials, because there is plenty of space on the dance floor and you can fully express your creativity without having to worry about from which side you will get an elbow or a kick in the leg. Until the crowd gathers, the music is usually a little quieter and you also have the opportunity to start some interesting conversations about dancing without having to yell into each other's ear and squeeze in the crowd.

Noche de Cuba con show

Every Thursday Cubana Ljubljana organizes awesome salsa parties at Cafe Cubano (Kolosej), which are usually spiced up once a month with special performances by its students. This time, they managed to make another spectacle. Dancers from Men style class have prepared a real treat for the eyes. Captain Jan skilfully led them through the waves of enthusiastic fans, and when the wave did not want to break back onto the dance floor, he once again led the sailors into the turbulent sea and evoke many shouts from dancing sirens.

I had a chance to view the performance from two different perspectives, first from the side and the second time from the first row. No matter the perspective, I was always impressed. From the side I could feel the energy of the dance, got an overview of the whole group and super thoughtful changes, but this perspective could not compare to the energy and visual effects of the first row. Most choreographies are primarily composed for the front line and sometimes you can see certain details of the choreography only from this perspective. Also, the interaction of the performers is directed at the audience in front of them. Compliments to Cubana Ljubljana, choreographers and, above all, the dancers, for putting together a great show.

Saturday West coast swing social

The West Coast Swing dance community is developing quite slow in Slovenia, but for that reason the group of west coast swing enthusiats gets very excited about every social there is, as we finally have the chance to enjoy the creativity of this dance. West coast swing allows unlimited freedom, both in movement, expression, and in the choice of music.

Throughout the evening, Tanja and Katarina switched at the DJ table, and each added their own flavor to the evening. There was a wonderful mix of new dancers on the dance floor as well as the more experienced ones who interpreted the music in their own way. Among the dancers was also a Frenchman who found the social online and was happy to share his dance knowledge from the French capital, where this dance is very popular and better developed.

I could not answer his question why WCS in Slovenia is taking more time to grow as a scene; it was only my assumption that it was because the basics of the dance were not so simple; although when you conquer them, as a couple dance, it offers the greatest freedom. However, since most people also look at dance from a social perspective, they are naturally more drawn to the larger communities of salsa and swing.

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