INES OGOREVC   •   10/11/2019

Friday was an amazing day in a life of a dancer,  Dancer's Life, as I decided to attend three dance events.

First I went to the performance Koraki v času: Carmen by Plesni klub Forma at Španski borci where I saw the incredible talent of Tian Cehic, who I had the chance to interview just a few weeks ago. Carmen is a known opera, but this time it was transformed into a dance choreography. I didn't read the story before to see if I could understand it through the dance expression and I did. It was really well thought through, every move and sound they made expressed an important detail of the story. The mixture of different dance styles made it even more special, the sounds of step, the passion of flamenco, the expression of jazz and the gracefulness of ballet gave you the opportunity to dive into the story and be at the edge of your sit through it all. It ended too soon, I could watch them for hours.

As Atrevete bachata festival is coming up soon, I decided it was time for me to remember bachata steps and try them out on the dance floor, so I went to bachata social organized by Dejan Papič and his team. The social took place at TEJ dance studio. Atmosphere there was really wonderful, as the studio has a place to hang out in front of the ballroom, where the dancers can talk in peace and refresh themselves between each dance. Even though it's been a while since I danced bachata, the dancers were very welcoming and in the two hours I was there, I almost didn't leave the dance floor.

I ended the night at 10th anniversary of Alma Eslovena at Balerina Caffee & fun, a beautiful group of salsa dancers, who make you feel like part of their family. On their socials there is always a mixture of latin music and styles, from salsa cubana to bachata and also some reggaeton. But what they love the most is rueda, it is always the highlight of the evening and usually takes up the space of the whole cafe as everyone wants to join. The dancers enjoy rueda so much that it usually lasts for several songs through which the teachers switch the role of cantante. We also got a special treat, a woman only rueda, which is sometimes seen at their events as female teachers of Alma Eslovena know how to dance the role of a leader and cantante.

This evening a Venezuelan tourist was looking for places to dance in Ljubljana, so I invited him to join both of the socials and it was interesting to hear his perspective on our dance community. He was surprised by the diversity of the socials, especially that one social took place in the dance studio itself. But what he loved the most was the effort of the dancers to speak with him in Spanish as he doesn't speak English that well and the kindness of the dancers who joined him on the dance floor.

Both socials were published on Dancer’s Life and you can follow their organizers by clicking on the heart next to their profile to ensure you are informed about their events and can join me next time. See you on the dancer floor.

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